people views from the parking lot marking passage

I present "...just passing through" to the viewer as a collection of observations, images, music, stories, smiles and sorrows that span sixty years of this life, my life making pictures. My vision of this world is unique unto me.  In the early years , I  did not question our relationship.  Photography was the only thing in my life that was entirely my own. I did not feel that it was required or necessary to show my work.  To be honest, it did not occur to me.  When I started to teach college level photography courses, I understood that a reassessment was necessary.  I require students to show new work.  As a teaching, working artist I felt obligated to show new work of my own to students and colleagues.  It was a matter of integrity.

This document is a testimony to my having passed through this place.

Treat each other well. Work hard at the art of being yourself. No one is exactly like you. Your perspective, vision, and the meaning that they create is unique to you.   Cherish the difference.

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