I used the large file data

Idon's bedroom window, 1969

Mount Pleasant Park, Rochester,  New York


IOriginal scan from 35mm ploroid negative   5549x3630

Imported into Blog without reduction..oh, and as a psd

   a 40MB file

Moose Bones, 2020

Digital capture, 527 KB

Black and white conversion


First frost, 1984 Kodachrome 200, 
 120 RB67, 140 macro
Nikon Cool Scan 8000
  Notice the strange crunchiness in the finer details.
The color seems...agrivated.
Both of these give promise of new stuff.

NightShade Boy eating a Popsicle
Night series with Sony Ar3
100,ooo ISO
Heavy contrast

And otherpoor techniques that I normally avoid.
The extreme Black floating on the just perceptibledetail of a near paper base white excites my imagination.
Syompinmg on the rules is so much finer than when one knows what and why they are...

Now for a change up....

Duck Fatality, 2020
Beneath These Feet series

Digital capture

Up to this point these images are sized at Medium and High recommendations. 

I will add smallerimages for comparison when I return from the"Look Over My Truck" place.

Your Mother Loves You!  

She has to or the civilization would have crashed by now,

But, she is tired of your whining...

Everyone else thinks you are an pain in the...

Drive on.

Your site should have your best ten images.  Show only your good stuff.

What's good?  Is it good to everyone or is it good to some and less good to others, and maybe it's no damn good to anyone.

Is it good to you, the person who created.  Does it mean anything to you, do it somehow make meaning for you.

Is this art?

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