from behind these eyes black and white photography views from the parking lot people marking passage miss-takes
We don't need no stinking tripods



I ignored the damn things for years.  35mm film cameras were small, and  are easy to carry around out in the open or under a jacket.  Why would anyone stick an obnoxious, blundersome, three legged monster onto Nikon or Canon, or masy the Source of All Things forgive me the thought, a Leica. Cameras all made for speed of response, portability and style.  Damn things are always dragging along with on leg sliding open. Enough to make a cool person act a clown.   The damnable things just slow a body down.  Might as well put a big rig on top and wait for something slow to come along. and stand in front of my camera.

Over the years as my vision sharpened, my ego realigned itself with reality, and my knowledge grew, I had to accept that these 35mm images  just were not quite sharp enough or deep enough to print to the standard I wanted.  I bought better glass, tested faster film/developer combinations trying to create a negative that was perfect for printing.  I wanted a film negative that printed large, was sharp with fine grain, and fast enough to hand-hold.  Those things are all opposites.  Once I figured out that every choice in life has requirements that must be understood and met, the path was clear in my sight.

To get more, you gotta give more.

I now have nine tripods from a wee kit bag size and big and bigger sizes in my truck, and one huge HighBoy which is the size of a tepee without the buffalo hide. 

    There is almost always a tripod, mono-pod, or rock within reach to set my camera on.

    As a bonus to a steady camera, my composition skills have improved dramatically.. 

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