from behind these eyes black and white photography views from the parking lot people marking passage miss-takes

Many photographers have and nearly all have a book, thaeir poartafloio if hard prints. work best ten of your best prints.

Your site should have your best ten images.  Show only your good stuff. 

What's good?  Is it good to everyone or is it just sorta good to some and less good to others, and maybe it's no damn good to anyone.  Do you care?  Of course you do YOU MADE THIS!

Is it good for you, the person who created it? Does it make and hold meaning in your life? 

Is this art?

Yes, I say..  It is your art.  You make it for you own self.  Others may or may not like it.   Who cares?  If you are making work for someone else, a hire, then you try to give them the feeling that thy want to portray,.  However it will have to pass through your structure. 

Good, awlays, never, and others are useless words that unless they can be modified away from theirc,[;ete ;ac pf ,eamomg/

Work for yourself or work for someone else.  They are separate realities, but they can feed each other and live in the same head.

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