from behind these eyes black and white photography views from the parking lot people marking passage miss-takes dis-tractions self portraits

Views From The Parking Lot

Life is be so busy that I often miss it as I race along from one commitment to another. Sometimes I lose the singularity of place that is anywhere and everywhere. If I stop for a just moment, step out of the day's static and feel a sense of balance, mystery, sometimes beauty can be found.  Small marvels to be seen everywhere if I can simply stop.... even in those fallow places where I leave my automobile.

These invite me to take a closer look.  Not one of my best attributes, but I try to do what I am told.  Closer and closer until the subject begins to wobble on the fence of reality between two identities. I make the exposures. The photographs are punctuations in my process of seeing...

Views From the Parking Lot is a work in progress devoted to experiencing meaning in the parking lots of my life.

Perhaps, my photographs will inspire others to stop for a moment and breathe in the present.

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