from behind these eyes black and white photography views from the parking lot people marking passage miss-takes dis-tractions self portraits

Black and White Photography

Black and white photography uses the tones from pure black to pure white.  To me, well-done grayscale images are more powerful than color images. They strip away our focus on or preoccupation with color and leave us just a bit off balance and just a bit more open to the relationships of tones, shapes and line to one another.


"Ghost Cats" - Troupe Street, Rochester, NY, 1969, Scanned B&W Film Negative
"Curtain Light" - Idon's Room, Mount Pleasant Park, Rochester, NY, 1969, Scanned B&W Film Negative
"Franny A The Silo Door" - Geneseo, NY 1972, Scanned B&W Film Negative
"Doctor Tom's Waiting Room" - Washington, DC, Scanned B&W Film Negative 2017
"Popcycle Boy" - Glenn Dale, MD , Digital Night View 128,000 ISO, HANDHELD
"The Witch And The Temptress" - 2020 "Chicken Coup Series", Glenn Dale, MD Digital
"First Gnarly Tree" - Highland Park, Rochester, NY, 1970 Scanned 120 B&W Negative
"Shadow On Stucco" - Emeryville, CA, 1983 Digital
"Almost A Jury of Your Peers" - Glenn Dale, MD, Digital, 2018
"Martha's Old Barn" - Pennsylvania, Scanned B&W Film Negative 2020
"Cloud Art" - From Castle Garden, Scanned B&W Film Negative 1994
"Third Floor Coffee Cup" - 169 1/2 State St, Rochester, NY, Scanned B&W Film Negative, 1968
"Over The Smithsonian Castle Garden 3" - Washington DC". Scanned to B&W from E6 Color Trans. 1990
"Power Fist" - DC Mall - Scanned to B&W from E6 Color Trans. 1989