from behind these eyes black and white photography views from the parking lot people marking passage miss-takes dis-tractions

Black and White Photography

Black and white photography uses the tones from pure black to pure white.  To me, well-done grayscale images are more powerful than color images. They strip away our focus on or preoccupation with color and leave us just a bit off balance and just a bit more open to the relationships of tones, shapes and line to one another.


"Ghost Cats"
Troupe Street, Rochester, NY, 1969, Scanned B&W Film Negative
"Curtain Light"
Idon's room, Mount Pleasant Park, Rochester, NY, 1969, Scanned B&W Film Negative
"Franny A The Silo Door"
Geneseo, NY 1972, Scanned B&W Film Negative
"Doctor Tom's Waiting Room"
Washington, DC, Scanned B&W Film Negative 2017
"Popcycle Boy"
Glenn Dale, MD Digital Night View 128,000 ISO, HANDHELD
"The Witch And The Temptress"
2020 "Chicken Coup series", Glenn Dale, MD Digital
"First Gnarly Tree"
Highland Park, Rochester, NY, 1970 Scanned 120 B&W Negative
"Shadow On Stucco"
Emeryville, CA, 1983 Digital
"Almost A Jury of Your Peers"
Glenn Dale, MD, Digital, 2018
"Martha's Old Barn"
Pennsylvania Scanned B&W Film Negative 2020
"Cloud Art"
From Castle Garden, Scanned B&W Film Negative 1994
"Third Floor Coffee Cup"
169 1/2 State St, Rochester, NY, Scanned B&W Film Negative 1968
"Over The Smithsonian Castle Garden 3"
Washington DC Washington DC. Scanned to B&W from E6 Color Trans. 1990
"Power Fist"
DC Mall Scanned to B&W from E6 Color Trans. 1989