from behind these eyes black and white photography views from the parking lot people marking passage miss-takes

Colour Out Of The Grayness
London, Leeds, and Bradford

"Kings Cross"
London. UK, 2017
"International Tandoori"
Bradford, UK, 2017
"Colour In The Alleyway"
Bradford, UK, 2017
"The Cat In The Prince's Window"
Leeds, UK, 2017
"Club Under the Bridge"
Leeds, UK, 2017
"Old Folks Crossing"
Bradford, UK Digital 2017
"Up Hill From The Pub"
Bradford, UK, 2017
"Toy Shop Window"
Leeds,UK, 2017
"Toys, Shoes and..."
Leeds, UK, 2017
"The Princess In A Bag"
Bradford, UK, 2017
"Fry Up Shops"Built Int the Underside Of a A Bridge"
London, UK, Digital, 2017
"Tea With Terry Dennett'
a Starbucks In Londøn, UK Digital 2017
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