from behind these eyes black and white photography views from the parking lot people marking passage miss-takes dis-tractions self portraits
"Haley's Comet Over The Waves" - College Park, MD, 2017
"Pi" - Anonymous parking lot, Laurel, MD, 2016
"Diversity" - Metro parking lot, Landover, MD, 2012
"Cosmic Paint" - Walmart Parking Lot, Sanduscki, Ohio 2020
"One Very Hot Day on Pennsylvania Ave NW" - 2009, Scanned from 6x7 CD
"First Encounter"- Prince George's Community College Parking Lot, 2015 Leaving class late into an empty paring lot I found this scene and realized that even the most boring and seemingly void of visual stimuli.
"Nerve Synapse" - Annapolis, MD, 2016
Wee One
"Pete and Repeat" - Planned Parenthood parking lot, Landover, MD, 2014
"Crossroads" - 50's Strip Mall Parking Lot Old Maryland Route 40, 2016
"The Monster and the Wizard" - METRO parking lot, New Carrollton, MD, 2012
"Umbilical" - Doctors Hospital, Seabrook, MD, 2011
"The Troll Under The Bridge" - Lanham Home Depot, 2020