from behind these eyes black and white photography views from the parking lot people marking passage miss-takes
"Haley's Comet Over The Waves"
College Park, MD, 2017
Anonymous parking lot, Laurel, MD, 2016
Metro parking lot Landover, MD, 2012
"Cosmic Paint" Walmart Parking Lot Sanduscki, Ohio 2020
"One Very Hot Day on Pennsylvania Ave NW"
2009, Scanned from 6x7 CD
"First Encounter"
Prince George's Community College Parking Lot, 2015 Leaving class late into an empty paring lot I found this scene and realized that even the most boring and seemingly void of visual stimuli
"Nerve Synapse" Annapolis, MD, 2016
Wee One
"Pete and Repeat"
Planned Parenthood parking lot, Landover, MD, 2014
50's Strip Mall Parking Lot Old Maryland Route 40, 2016
"The Monster and the Wizard"
METRO parking lot New Carrollton, MD, 2012
Doctors Hospital Seabrook, MD, 2011
"The Troll Under The Bridge"
Lanham Home Depot, 2020
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