from behind these eyes black and white photography views from the parking lot people marking passage miss-takes dis-tractions self portraits

From Behind These Eyes

There is nothing spectacular about any of these images.  They are the way I see. When making pictures, I with ther subject until I find a comfortable and interesting perspective.  For me, the first image is an introduction. The subject caught my eye, distracted me in some way..  The light, shape, color contrast, texture... something calls, sometimes I listen and hear.  Sometimes, I do not.  Sometimes they are single thoughts, notes scribbled in my journal to onsider later.


"The Two Left Behind" - Estate Sale Series, Seabrook, MD, 2010
Hmm, Mouse?- Glenn Dale, MD, 02012
"Once Upon a Time" - Our Porch, Glenn Dale, MD 2016
"Pan For President" - Our Living Room, Glenn Dale, MD, 2017 Digital
"Woman At The Portal" - Coffee Drip Series, Glenn Dale, MD, 2017 Digital
"The Shadow of A Touch" - Glenn Dale, MD, 2007 Digital
"The Stuff At The Bottom Of A Winter Lake" - Lakewood Lake, NJ 20010 120 Color Slide Film
"Country Mail Box" - Bell Station Rd, 2016 Digital
"A Gathering Of Women Of Power; Chicken Coup Series, Glenn Dale, MD 2020
"Twins" - Bowie, MD, 2017 Digital
"Last Leaf To Fall"
"Comedian" - Coffee Drip Series. Glenn Dale, MD Digital, 2018
"Firebird Escapes The Gravity of the Sun" Road Salt
"Autos" - Crofton, MD 2021 Digital
"Crosswalk Fatality" Washington, DC 2021
Overalls 972 x 1200
Legacy 828 x 1200
_DSC9128.jpg 800x1200
_DSC8833-001.jpg 1792x1200
White and Black 1090167.jpg 800x600
Orange-in-Oakland 0331.jpg 1804x1200
_1090484.jpg 1200x900 1
Clover, Yard Sale series, 2011