black and white photography people views from the parking lot marking passage colour out of the grayness miss-takes

My intention for this space is to present pictures of some of the people whom I have known and loved and lost some lost through out the years.  Now, in my seventy-fourth year many of these faces are frozen  and lost in time.   I did not know how to keep them.  I did not know how important they were, not then when I had them, only now after so many have slipped through my fingers.  They travelled into their own futures and I into mine without a look back.  I simply let them go.

Going through volumes of images will bring many of those faces into this gallery.

Take lots of pictures of your people. These folks will be gone one day and these facsimiles may be all that is left to you.  Perhaps, we can commune with them through the images.  I do not know yet, but I do have thousands of images to work with..or...with which to work?

This gallery is for all of you, my dear ones.  I will always love you.

Leland (Michael) Bryant

"Bugsy in a Shiny Hat"
Glenn Dale, MD 1987
"The Princesses"
Bradford, UK 2004
"Franny At The Silo"
Honeoy Falls, NY, 1974
"Martha Makes a Damned Good Martini"
Glenn Dale, MD 2020
"Grandpa Whispering"
His farm near Sheldon, IA, 1952
"Jayna in Motion"
Prince George's County, MD, 2012
"Hippie Couple"
Vintage, Troupe St., Rochester, NY, 1968
"Chuck #1"
At the Corner Of Shattuck and Addison, Berkeley, CA , 2015
"Chuck #2"
At the Corner of Shattuck and Addison, Berkeley, CA, 2015
"The Prince In His Pub"
2012, Leeds, UK, 2010
One of my photo students Largo, MD, 2018
"Dad's Smile"
Falls Church, VA, 1951
"My Father"
Hand Tinted photo, Arlington, VA, 1945
"American Artist In London"
- Photo by: Terry Dennett,1997
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