from behind these eyes black and white photography abstractions views from the parking lot people marking passage colour out of the grayness miss-takes
There is not mmuch that one can do with most color processes and still maintain integrity with that process....but then there IS photoshop which can manipulate everyth into everything else. For me black and white film, processing, and printing is my magic place behind the eyes... the place where though and words come together to make meaning.  I spernt a few long years learning how to squeek the process to get more detail, deep swirlling, angry clouds.  I did not know what to do with color as an object in a composition.  Color as light has life.   It is a contributing element within a photograph.
"The Two Who Stayed Behind"
Seabrook, MD,2010
Hmm, Mouse?
Glenn Dale, MD,02012
'Once Upon a Time"
Our Porch, Glenn Dale, MD 2016
"Pan For President"
Our Living Room, Glenn Dale, MD, 2017Digital
"Woman At The Portal"
Coffee Drip series, Glenn Dale, MD, 2017 Digital
"TheShadow of A Touch"
Glenn Dale, MD. 2007 Digital
"the stuff At The Bottom Of A Winter Lake"
Lakewood Lake, NJ 20010 120 Color Slide Film
"Country Mail Box"
Bell Station Rd, 2016 Digital
"A Gathering Of Women Of Power;
Chicken Coup Series, Glenn Dale, Md 2020
"Kind And Gentle Spirit"
Sheldon, Iowa,2006 Digital
Bowie, MD, 2017 Digital
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