from behind these eyes black and white photography views from the parking lot people marking passage miss-takes dis-tractions self portraits


Do not throw them out! In time, a mistake that you have made may actually become a door to new ideas.

I have lots of these Miss-takes buried in the depths of the thousands of images Archives. Some have been instrumental in creating other work. Others are waiting to be recognized. Others, perhaps, are content to exist just where they are at the present, So it goes. I shall keep them until the day of my departiure from this place
These images were not pre-planned.  The are fresh and clean and new right out of The randowm sea.  I had no idea that I was shooting exposed film.  Besides is anything really random.  At that point, I will set them free into the universe riding on my last breath †o find an∂ manage their own place and meaning.

My files of 60 year  might harbor many secrets. I am curiousas to what I wll find.


"Girl Racing To The Portal" - No Clue #1, 2017
"Jayna in Motion" - Not a Clue #3, 2017
"Through A Blue Shot Glass Darkly" - Not a Clue #2, 2005