people views from the parking lot marking passage

Views From the Parking Lot

Life can be so busy that I often miss it as I race along. Sometimes I lose the uniquity of place that is anywhere and everywhere. If I can just stop for a moment, step out of the day's static and see, a sense of balance, mystery and sometimes beauty can be found, even in those fallow places where I leave my automobile.

Views From the Parking Lot is a work in progress devoted to experiencing meaning in the parking lots of my life.

Perhaps, my photographs will inspire others to stop for a moment and breathe in the present.

"First Encounter" Prince George's Community College parking lot 2015 Leaving class late into an empty paring lot I found this scene and realized that even the most boring and seemingly void of visual stimuli
"Diversity" Metro paring lot Landover, MD
"The Balad Of The Monster and the Wizard"
"Synapse" Metro paring lot Landover, MD
Cosmic Paint
Comet Over the Waves
Wee One
Dreams of Conquest
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